The Steps Involved in PCB Assembly

A lot of electronic products are being sold out in the market. Many people are purchasing these kinds of products as these can be used daily. Some provide entertainment to people while others can help them with their house chores. The main reason why these electronic products are working is because of the printed circuit board that is found inside them.


You might be wondering as to how these electronic products are being made as well as how the printed circuit board is being assembled. With the development of technology nowadays, it would really seem possible to have these things assembled. Here are the general steps that are involved in PCB assembly.


First of all, it is important for the employee to prepare all the necessary tools and equipment that he will be using for the process. These machines are usually already in place and just need to be switched on. The individual will also have to make sure that he will be wearing the proper attire, if they are required, prior to touching the materials that will be used in the process.


There are different types of technologies that the individual can choose for the printed circuit boards. These technologies usually include plated through hole or PTH technology, surface mount technology, or mixed technology. No matter what type of technology will be required by the client, the employee will have to make sure that the products will be done.


The employee will then need to attach all of the electronic components to each of the printed wiring boards. A tin or lead solder will have to be used in order to get these components attached. You can find a schematic pattern or drawing on the circuit board. This pattern should be followed when you will be attaching the components to the board. You need to place each part to its specific placement on the circuit board following the pattern. After placing all the components accordingly to the right positions on the board, you will need to be placing the board in a soldering machine. A soldering machine is a type of machine that is specifically designed to have all components properly attached to the circuit board. It makes sure that these components will not fall off.


Afterwards, the finished products will have to be tested. The testing process is a part of quality control. It is meticulous since the company would definitely want to make sure that all of the products that were assembled in their factories are working properly. Automated Optical Inspection or AOI is one of the processes most commonly used by many companies in the industry to have these printed circuit boards tested and inspected. Loose components, loose joints, over soldering on the board, and others are being checked through these inspections.


If you are a business owner that is engaging in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of electronic products, you will have to make sure that you are supplied with good printed circuit boards that you will be inserting into the products. In that case, you should be choosing a reputable company that will be assembling these boards for you.

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