Why You Need Product Development

Product development is simple in concept. It is the:

  • Conversion of market need to a reality-based solution
  • Creating the tangible from the intangible
  • Creation of new wealth

The success of product development efforts typically require considerable resources and the opportunity for lackluster results or outright failure are far higher than anyone will admit. Because of this high risk of failure, it is important to know why product development is important to companies and society.

Why Product Development is Important

Product engineering, is the life-blood of companies and societies. The product could be a physical product such as an automobile, smartphone, or coffee maker. It could also be services such as

new IT solution, new manufacturing process, or a new real estate marketing concept.

All successful product development actions provide the following:

  1. New value for customers
  2. Improved society
  3. Continued existence of the company

New Value for Customers

The first and most important reason for any new development is to provide new value to the customer. Without this, there is no reason for them to trade their money for the new device. However, if the product or service offers overwhelming value, then customers will flock to it.

This new and increasing value is what keeps companies growing. If there is no new value to offer customers, the firm wilts and eventually dies. If the value offered is not increasing, then the company is losing ground in the market as its competitors increase their value in the market.

Improved Society

Many new products are simply an incremental improvement over the previous version with only some new features or slight faster performance. These products may sustain the company by offering enough new value to generate additional revenue, but they are hardly a boon to society.

There are certain instances where new products will improve society beyond just the immediate gratification of the consumer. Example of these are innovative new drugs to treat debilitating diseases and automotive safety devices that save hundreds of lives per year. Neither of these may offer the consumer swift satisfaction, but they save lives and therefore improve society.

Continued Existence and Growth of the Company

New products and services are the lifeblood of any company. Without them, the firm withers on the vine and either dies or is absorbed by another firm. Society is well-served by the continuance of these companies from the employment of the individuals who work there (who are also consumers), and the support for society at-large in the form of taxation and charitable giving.

Companies (and civilizations) have little choice but grow and improve if they want to move from survival to thriving. The new products and services created and provided by companies of all sizes provide the mechanism for this growth and improvement. What are you and your firm doing to improve?

Leased VS Owning Outright

The more money you can save on costs to run your business, the better. However, business decisions are not always just about the bottom line. In some cases, the line between the red and black can be a little blurred. Such is the case when trying to decide between buying or leasing a printer. Printers used for large-scale business applications can be expensive and cost you significant money up front. Printer rental in London is an option to allay those costs, but you may end up paying more in the long run. You should take into account several considerations when deciding between the two.

Startup Costs

The initial cost for buying a printer for your office may be several hundred or thousand dollars. This amount depends on the quality of the equipment you buy. You may need more than one printer. The initial cost of renting printers is significantly less than buying printers outright. You may end up paying an initial security deposit and your first month’s rental fees, but this should leave you with some additional money in the bank that you can use for other purposes.

Technological Changes

As technology continues to change rapidly, it may be necessary to replace your printers fairly often to keep up with those changes. If you buy your printers, replacing them will cost you a significant amount of money each time you do so. This may give you reason to hold off on purchases for a year or two until your old printers become obsolete. If you have a good lease, however, you may be able to upgrade your equipment without any significant change in price and as often as needed. The downside to leasing, in terms of technological upgrades, is that you may not have much choice when it comes to the new equipment you get.


Leasing with the right company can present you with a significant advantage when it comes to getting technical support. Leasing companies generally provide support for the products they lease, and such support may cost you no additional money out of your pocket. Buying a printer, however, will require that you pay for your own repairs and rely on the manufacturer for technical support. This can prove to be expensive if you have to buy additional parts. The cost of printer ink also may add up fairly quickly if you buy, whereas a leasing company may replace ink for you as needed.


When it comes to tax deductions, both printing and leasing can help you reduce your tax liability. In general, the Internal Revenue Service will allow you to deduct certain costs associated with running your business. Equipment costs, whether leased or purchased, are usually lumped in with those tax deductions. Generally though, the tax deductions tend to be more significant if you purchase the equipment.

Epson multifunctional printer or Oki multifunctional printer

A Multifunction Printer like the Epson multifunctional printer or the oki multifunctional printer, often referred to as an MFP, is a device that consolidates the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner and/or fax into one machine. Multifunction Printers are a common choice for budget-minded businesses that want to consolidate assets, reduce costs, and improve workflow. If also considering scanners, take a look at our list of multifunction printers, specifically recommended for scanning documents.

Multifunction Printer Evaluation Considerations

To make an informed decision about what multifunction printer is right for you, you need to ask the right questions. Here are the ten things you must know before you buy a multifunction printer.

1. Know your requirements

Understand what you need the multifunction printer to do for you and your end users. Beyond printing and copying, how do you want to use the multifunction printer to help manage documents, reduce paper, simplify workflow, manage forms, etc? How many copy, print, fax, scan, and email jobs will you run each day? How many users will share the device? Will you need it to be color capable? There are a number of requirements to consider.

Samsung showcases a new range of LED Monitors – Samsung LED Monitor Series 9 & Samsung LED Monitor Series 5, featuring the innovative Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technology.
Also previewed the Samsung SCX 3405FW Multifunction Mono Laser Printer, exhibiting Smart Printing attributes and the ever-convenient Mobile Print feature.

2. Know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cost/Value benefits

When evaluating a multifunction printer, beware of looking only at the cost of the initial hardware. There are a number of other factors to consider, including the cost of supplies. Once ink costs are taken into consideration, inkjet multifunction printers, initially perceived as being low cost, often turn out to have an equivalent or higher TCO than the higher performing laser and solid ink multifunction printers. TCO can also increase significantly for devices that are hard to use and maintain, unreliable, or lack the features and capability to efficiently and effectively produce the results you need.

Your multifunction printer can become a useful asset in managing and controlling costs for printing and imaging, and can also add new capabilities to your organization if you choose wisely. Consider how multifunction printers can address total cost of ownership for printing and imaging assets, better consolidate and improve management of resources across the organization, and improve business process efficiency.

3. Know what third parties have to say

Compare the data on the actual performance and management and support issues promoted on the vendor’s specification sheets with data from independent testing agencies. What are experienced people in the industry saying about the quality and performance of the product you are considering?

4. Know how easy it is to connect to an existing network

Consider how easily the multifunction printer system will integrate with your existing network. Is it easy to deploy? Does it require minimal start-up training? Does it come with software or wizards to guide you through installation, troubleshooting, and upgrading?

5. Know how easy it is to use

Prevent bottlenecks and costly employee down time by finding a multifunction printer that’s easy to operate. Check for intuitive user interfaces, minimal training requirements, and easily accessible online help and documentation. If you do need support, check that the product is backed by manufacturer-provided service and support coverage.

Advantages of Having A Business Intelligence Tool

Having a business is not easy. There are so many things that you have to closely look into. As a matter of fact, both starting it up and getting a profit are really difficult. Good thing that these days, business people do not just follow the usual ways of the data analysis. Technology has come their way and helped because there are certain software programs and applications that can be of great help. Business objects backup and business objects audits are now easier because of a business intelligence tool.

A business intelligence tool is an application or a software that aids you in collecting and analyzing data. If you want to have a business intelligence tool, here are some of the advantages to help you decide in purchasing one.

The first reason why you should have a business intelligence tool is the fact that it helps you in making good decision. As mentioned earlier, business intelligence tools help in collecting certain data and usually the data being collected is the whole data of the company which includes financial, customer, and much more. By getting these data, you can make wise decisions that are based on the data you have collected. A good example is knowing which brand of shoes is more saleable. So, you can have more of that brand and probably trim down the number of those brand that does not sell a lot.

Another important advantage is the fact that it helps you in increasing sales. When you have a business tool, it also helps in collecting data about sales, revenues, and profits. Also, it helps in collecting data about your customer’s needs and wants. You can see a trend of what people like and do not like. Because of this, you can decide on how to increase your sales by adding more products and diversifying or focusing on a top brand.

Lastly, business intelligence tools help in giving new opportunities and gets rid of waste. How? Through the data being collected, you can get rid of the products that you do not need. This was done by big companies and this is the reason why the remain to be on top. Also, because of the data, you are informed of the trends of the market and what the people most likely want. You will be aware of different needs of your chosen market and also venture into other potential markets.

To conclude everything, businesses are not easy to have but because of the different technologies that are made, they have become manageable and useful. Good thing that business intelligence tools were made to collect and analyze data. Because of these tools, good management decisions were made due to facts, they also help in increasing sales, and they help in saving money by getting rid of losses but gaining new opportunities. There are so many business intelligence tools in the market and your task is to choose the right one that is most suitable for your company.

Questions to Ask for Social Media Apprenticeship

When it comes to social media apprentices, you know too well the services that they offer and the benefits that you can get from them. To make sure that you are hiring the right person—a talented professional to help you improve your business, here are the top questions that you should ask them during the interview to evaluate them properly:

Do you have any experience in social media?

This is very important, because you should only hire candidates with a fair share of experience in social media. They know exactly what to do, and they know how to handle different situations. The longer their experience is, the better it would be. Make sure that you can determine how effective they could be if you can hire them. Experience is one of the most crucial factors that you should consider. The last thing that you want to do is hire someone who is still figuring out what he is doing.

Why do you want to work in digital marketing?

In digital marketing apprentice, your candidate must be passionate about his work. Make sure that they do not only have their skills, but their passion and perseverance in the job is also important to consider. What made them apply for the job? What made them think that they are qualified for the job? What’s with them that could help your business improve?

It’s okay to intimidate them a little, as you could get the answers that you are looking for. It’s also a better way of evaluation.

How can you improve my business?

Tell them about your business and ask them how they could improve it. With all the services that they offer, they should be able to do something to further improve your business. They are responsible for the most important aspects of operating your business. Therefore they should be skilled and knowledgeable enough to handle everything.

What can you say about the current situation of the digital market right now?

You can also ask for their insight about the current happenings in the digital market right now to make sure that they have done their homework. Also, they are going to be your consultant especially if you are just new to digital marketing. Therefore they should be able to answer all of your questions related to the topic.

What skills do you have that is beneficial to my business?

Some are good at writing an effective SEO article, and there are some who’s god at customer service. Make sure that they have at least one skill that you will be able to utilize to draw more customers into your site and boost your sales.

Always make sure that you keep these questions in mind, it can help you make a better decision in evaluating them. You are going to invest your money to them; therefore they should also give you the service that your company deserves.


Avoid Being Charged For Rental Car Damage?

If you’re driving a rental car and are involved in a collision with another car whose insurance is responsible for the damages? If this were a privately owned or leased vehicle, naturally, the driver “at fault” would be responsible for the damages. Using a Car Damage Inspection App when you take out a rental car can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that face a person on getting a rental that they crash. Because you are renting a vehicle (the rental company that legally owns these vehicles), you owe some legal responsibility to that entity. When you rent a car or a truck, you are responsible for any and all losses or damages that occur during your rental period.

Remember, you’re assuming responsibility for the rental car is not conditional. You are agreeing to take responsibility for whatever condition the car is in.  The same principle holds true if someone else collides with you. Even though the accident might be technically their fault, you will still be responsible for any damages incurred, according to the rental company. The only exception to this rule is if you accept and sign a collision and loss damage waiver contract offered by the car rental company. This contract states that in exchange for a fee, the driver will not held be responsible for damages that are accidental or unpreventable. If you currently pay for liability coverage or full coverage on your home vehicle, then sometimes, the same coverage will apply for your rental car.

However, this is not always the case and this can be an expensive mistake to discover long after you take that first drive. Under a very generous policy, liability coverage follows the owner, even if he or she is driving a rental car. Needless to say, not all rental coverage policies are that generous. Some policies only agree to pay liability insurance for insured cars, not just their drivers. What commonly happens is that over-confident auto renters assume that because they have liability insurance and a credit card, they are fully covered for any rental car damage. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Only some credit card companies completely cover car rental arrangements, while others make conditional promises, and some do not cover rentals at all. Credit card insurance is usually supplemental insurance by nature. That means that the company will reimburse you for whatever damage is not covered by another insurance policy. If you are responsible for damaging someone else’s vehicle with your rental car, then you will have to pay for those damages as well. If someone injures you because of their negligent behaviour, then their insurance company will have to pay for your medical expenses. If you live in a no-fault state, then your insurance company must pay for the expenses. In regards to property, however, the only person you answer to is the rental company, because this is the party you first made the agreement with.

The car company will not cover any damages unless you purchase additional insurance policies. If you are involved in an accident, then always call the police to file a report. This can help to determine fault and prevent you having to pay for the other negligent driver’s expenses.

Always know what coverage you have before your rent and drive. Get this information from your liability insurance coverage, your car rental agreement, and your credit card company. You do not have to buy an insurance agreement directly from the rental company. You can find independent rental insurance companies online.



Myth Busters: Working in Retail

Working in retail is one of the most common jobs out there, especially in a time where consumption and material wealth is so high on the agenda of some. Shopping demands are high as are the demands for longer opening hours of shops and earlier opening times. In the inner-city areas, shops are operating twenty-four hour services in some cases and even fast food restaurants are going into the business of being awake twenty-four hours a day. There are a lot of myths surrounding working in retail and in this article, we are going to bust those myths for you.merchant service solution

Myth 1: Most retail workers are young adults or students.

The average age of a retail worker is 37 and the job they hold in a retail capacity is a main income for a family.

Myth 2: Retail workers are unskilled.

28% of retail workers have completed a degree and the list of skills a retail worker needs is not exhaustive. They need to have soft and hard skills including product knowledge, merchant service solution knowledge, ability to relate to customers, and an increasing understanding of online sales and online technology.

Myth 3: Most retail workers only do the job temporarily while they wait to climb the corporate ladder.

Retail has one of the highest turnovers compared to every other industry but most retail workers stay within the industry itself even if they move from job to job. This means that the industry itself isn’t the problem, but the individual employers that pay low wages and offer no benefits – so those who offer only zero hours’ contracts – are the problem.

Myth 4: Retail work is an entry level position.

There are more than 15 million people working in the retail sector and this number is growing in some places and decreasing in others that are employing more self-service tills than people. More than one in ten jobs is retail trade and unlikely for most that they will ever leave the industry.

Myth 5: Retail workers are lazy and that’s why they chose to work in a shop.

Totally wrong. Retail is one of the toughest customer facing industries to work in. Serving people daily – people who think everything they do is wrong – is hard. It’s tough to be on feet and standing for an entire shift and dealing with customers who, while for the most part, are pleasant, you do get the occasional person who thinks that they know better than the worker!

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that someone working in retail is there to help and not there to just to you a favour. Retail is an industry that is ever changing and playing catch up to the newest ways of doing things can be difficult. It isn’t easy work and it makes it harder when the public don’t understand that fact. Learning new software as tills update and card payment systems update is difficult to follow.

Why Market Via Business Cards?

Selling and promoting services or products in thereal world is a kind of old practice. The business cards include business cards television ads, newspaper ads, magazine, radio ads and print ads such as sales materials, catalogs, pamphlets, and billboards. Because of this, it provides you lots of advantages such as the following:


  • It offers real communication. People can interact, hear, feel, and touch this form of marketing.
  • Face to face selling. Through business cards, you will have the opportunity to meet the salesman in person in selling their products. Since most people want to have apersonal connection it matters most in the business. The word of mouth is still one of the effective in small business. Furthermore, people will feel less reluctant wherein they will try and purchase aproduct because they experience it through their hands and not just through images.
  • Allows you to gain the target customer. If your marketing budget is just enough for advertising, business cards can bolster the efforts and activities you want. It is best to understand the customer and offers a realistic advertisement.
  • It is easy to explain.Using traditional methods, it will be easy for you to explain how the product or services exactly work and how to get the better result.
  • It offers fast result. The business cardsare more effective and faster when it comes to results and can provide you well placed of ads that are suitable for every particular customer. You will also expect that you will have astrong impact and has lesser time.
  • Lots of companies can promote their services and products that can provide comfort to their customer. Since they know that you have agood reputation in the industry, they will trust you in which you can build business cards better.
  • Offers durability. In the business world, it is more durable if you use business cards in your business compared to online marketing.
  • You can build a brand. Through this strategy, you can develop quality, a unique product, and services that are intended to promote or sell.
  • Become competitive. You can identify the true value of competition wherein you can determine the cost of your service or product that is at a very reasonable price, but you can still earn your revenue. You can offer some seasonal pricing, types of payments or give some discounts that most people love and enjoy.

Unlike social media marketing, the traditional way of introducing your business’s products and services such as through business card still has a huge effect on the viewers. In fact, large companies became depending too on the television and radio commercials for their business. But the fact that they can afford to lose ahuge amount of money is also the sacrifice they have in business, which you may not be able to do if you only have a certain budget to maintain. In a traditional way of advertising, the amount of money has to be invested. But don’t ever do the same thing when you know that your business can’t have this thing, since your business is just small to come over the competition of a large business.

You can take the risks of making the traditional way through the cheapest way like giving leaflets, posters or printed type materials only. Let be your nextdigital business cards manufacture by a good local company and you’ll surely reap amazing benefits from it.

5 Qualities of the Best Locksmith Service

The concept of being a locksmith began from many years ago.First, it was just an old practice, but it is now considered as a profession as many homes and establishments nowadays needed their service; well security and safety always come first. Locksmiths specialize in repairing locks, open locked doors, creating keys and improving security. They can check one’s home and say if it can be easily infiltrated through weak and defective locks. If you are inemergency situation like being locked out, you can call them, and they will open the door for you just as you needed. Though locksmith’s job seems to be simple, it can take years to master as locks and security are a complicated matter. There are many locksmith services all around but only a few of them you can trust since there are many possible scams today, make sure you know the qualities to look for in a locksmith service; here they are,


  1. Available and reliable 24 hours. Emergencies like being locked in a room or outside the house can happen anytime so this makes locksmiths needed anytime. A great locksmith service offers services anytime of the day as they understand that people with emergency cases needed Also they would be reliable; they can’t just be available but would fail to attend your needs. They should be available when you call and attend you in your needs which make them reliable.
  2. Okay, in emergencies, they shouldn’t be just available and reliable, but they also should be fast. Of course, if you’re locked outside the house and you badly need to get something inside then the locksmith service you called should be fast enough to help you. There are times that emergency situations could be more worst so make sure you trust a great locksmith service that will attend you fast enough to solve your lock problems.
  3. Offers discounts. Locksmiths may be one of the best help we can have in our daily lives; thus, we are ready to pay their service, but a good locksmith service should have discount offers which make their clients happy and willing to use their service again. Locksmith services should also consider their clients budget.
  4. Will help you to save. Again, locksmith services should not be all about service and getting paid; a great locksmith service will eventually provide you tips and recommendations on how to improve your security without having to spend too much. Locksmith services should never require replacing a lock when all it needs is a little repair. In short, they must show concern on how to save money as their clients’ wants to.
  5. Give you advice and free security check. Locksmith services should never charge something in checking the security of a home, simple because their job is to fix what needs fixing and replace those that needed to be replaced, but how they will do that if they don’t know what to fix or to replaced? Great locksmith service should know that and thus won’t charge you for it.

So these are the five qualities of the best locksmith service. But the most important thing about them that summarized their qualities is being licensed and trusted. Being licensed means they’re legit and being trusted, meaning they are great and many trust their service. If you needed that kind of service, why not try East London locksmiths?

5 Types of Lenses for Cinematography

Great cinematography can be achieved through the use of different lenses of camera. Film makers do not just take a shot of a scene without changing lenses because every scene has lenses that need to be used. Since every scene is important, they need to be emphasized and highlighted. So to imagine how the filmmakers are going to that, it is really going to be interesting! For you to know the types of lenses for the cinematography that the filmmakers are using, you can read below the 5 types of them.

The five types of lenses are:

  1. Zoom lenses

This is the most frequent type of lenses for cinematography, the zoom lenses or the varied focal length lenses. Some camcorders and video cameras frequently have the zoom lenses right away from their boxes. The camera that can do telephoto or the wide-angle shot in just a push of the button it has zoom lenses. Whether you can do zoom in and zoom out in the lens, it is what you called zoom lens.


  1. Prime lenses

The prime lens, which is also known as a fixed focal length lense, cannot be zoomed in or out. This means that the filmmaker needs to hold the camera and stay closer to the subject or need to change lens with narrower view. If he wants wider composition, it is either he physically move with the camera and turn away from his subject or change the lens with wider view.

  1. Telephoto lenses

This telephoto lens can get into the details of the subject. It can be compared to the zoom lenses. The image can be optically enlarged so it can show the finer details from the object that is quite far away. The telephoto lenses are great when a filmmaker need to take distant shot and keeping their actors away from danger as well. It can create an illusion that the actor is just a matter of feet away from the moving vehicles.

  1. Wide-angle lenses

The wide-angle lens is opposite of the telephoto lens. This can have wider and broader view and good for filming distant objects. So if you would like to take a shot of a mountain or ocean and forests, the wide-angle lenses are great to use.

8mm Handheld Motion Picture Camera

  1. Normal lenses

The normal lens is the halfway between the telephoto and the wide-angle lenses. The normal lenses can imitate what a person’s eyes are seeing. It is without getting too near to your subject or distorting and compressing the range of distance among the objects that it targets.

To know if those lenses will be working well with the sequence that you need to take on your film you can do the MTF testing from a MTF Testing company. It is important that there is testing that will be done to the lenses to ensure good quality of a film. The lenses are the key to a great cinematography so it is necessary to have the testing to achieve it.